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Doing your own public relations and marketing is hard. There is a lot of noise out there which makes it tough for anyone promoting a brand, product, or cause to stand out.

Adding to the difficulty is all the complicated public relations advice from “experts” who often contradict each other.

What’s needed is something to help cut through the bullshit.

And to that end, three veterans of the Hollywood media machine came together to produce “Cut the Bull$hit: A Quick Guide to Getting Your Name or Product Out There, Somewhere!” and the reviews are stellar!

Here is the cover of this zany book, which is available now on Amazon:

cut the bullshit teperman pena

As you can see, we are not taking ourselves too seriously here — but that doesn’t mean you should take the advice provided in Cut the Bull$hit lightly. After all, it comes direct from the mind of one of Hollywood’s most influential PR players: Zack Teperman, President of ZTPR, a lifestyle, entertainment and technology public relations agency which works with both stellar names as well as startups. In other words, he knows what the hell he is talking about because he does this day in and day out.

zack teperman elton john
Elton and Zack

Zack wrote the poems in the book, so easy even children could follow along (however, don’t give this book to a kid!) and enlisted the help of Los Angeles-based marketing expert and digital content wizard Willie Pena to bring the poems to life with a series of whimsical, hilarious drawings of sheep characters sure to bring a smile to your face.

public relations build trust tips
“Build Trust”

Some people have asked us: Why sheep? Well, public relations is a lot like herding sheep. People follow trends and influencers, and if you know the rules of the game you can herd the public’s attention towards YOU and get them to buy your product, watch your movie, or (ahem) read your book.

Rounding out the team is comedy writer Max Reisman, whose Hollywood credentials include stints writing for CBS and ABC and who, as editor, put the finishing touches on what is quickly becoming a must-own for everyone interested in public relations.

From the back cover:

In today’s society, there is a lot of complete bullshit going around. From people in power communicating through their asses, to self-labeled marketing “gurus” giving total nonsense advice ─̶ it’s time to cut the bullshit!

“Cut the Bull$hit” gets right to the point in helping to narrow in on what’s important, while at the same time giving you valuable tips and advice to help market yourself, product or business. This is the real world and there is no time to waste reading pages and pages of how-to books, while others are gaining ground on what could be your own success.

With funny, easy-to-read poems filled with quick tips and words of action, you will walk away feeling ready to take on what comes next… and most importantly, how to cut the bullshit!

What can you expect to learn from Cut the Bull$hit? How about public relations tips regarding:

  • Dealing with the media
  • Red carpet and other events where you could get noticed
  • Social media
  • Perfecting your public relations pitch
  • Leveraging news and trends
  • Image and fashion
  • Persistence and creativity

Ready to order your copies? These make great gifts, and they are CHEEEP at only $12.34 for a 8.5″ x 8.5″ 44 page paperback with a nice glossy cover on Amazon. So make sure to pick up at least two — one for you, and one to give away to a friend.

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