Networking for Online Marketing

A great deal of online marketing is actually dependent upon your ability to network with other site owners. If you market by utilizing blogs, premium WordPress themes make it easy for you to set up blog posts written by guests with appropriate linking, images and so forth. You can even add a guest blogger as an author on your site and give them a complete profile in some themes. The reason this is important is that the people with whom you’re networking to improve your online marketing efforts will also want to improve their own online marketing efforts, and you have to give them something to get something.

Swap Posts

Before you ask someone if you could post on their blog as a way of promoting your own site, offer them a chance to post on yours. This way, you’re approaching them with something of value rather than approaching them with a request. You’ll find that you will get a much more positive response by doing so.

It’s okay to do what amounts to a one-to-one swap. For example, if you allow them to post a 400 word blog on your site, ask them if you can do the same on theirs. This way, everything is kept fair and square and you come off as a professional.

Mention Good Blogs

If you have a few favorite blogs you like reading, don’t be afraid to mention them on your own blog. Let the author of that blog know that you gave them a mention and a link. Unless you have a very substandard site, they’re going to appreciate the fact that you actually did link them from your blog. It gives them a very real search engine optimization benefit and, of course, that’s what just about everybody engaged in any form of online marketing is really after.

Have More than One Site

Go ahead and put up more than one site and make each of those sites a part of your online marketing effort. This way, you’re going a bit farther in terms of publicizing yourself. It also prevents you from putting unrelated content on your main blog, as you have a more appropriate blog on which to post it. Of course, the more sites you have the easier it is for you to offer people links to one of your sites and the easier it is for people to find you on the Internet. Having more than one site can increase your marketing and networking potentials immensely.

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